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202 Offer Letters, 100% Success Rate - Our 2019-2020 USA College Acceptances!

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

June 9 2020

OUR 2019-2020 USA COLLEGE YEAR-TO-DATE OFFERS ARE IN @ MR. MBA®!! We achieved 100% Success Rate for getting our USA College candidates into at least one of their top choice business schools! As can be seen from the above breakdown, we have 202 College Offer Letters from 2019-2020 application year!

Our IVY LEAGUE admissions offer letters in numbers were: 1.Princeton University (9 offers), 2.Harvard University (9 offers), 3.Columbia University (10 offers), 4.Yale University (7 offers), 5.University of Pennsylvania (10 offers), 6.Dartmouth University (6 offers), 7.Cornell University (8 offers),Brown University (8 offers).

The maximum offers we had were from New York University (14 offers), my alma mater.

Other notable mentions are: Stanford University (9 offers), M.I.T. (9 offers), University of Chicago (12 offers), Duke University (8 offers), Northwestern University (10 offers), University of Michigan (11 offers), and University of California Berkeley (9 offers).

The average SAT score we worked with was a 1440. However, we had many candidates scoring in the 1500s and some in the 1200s as well. While the SAT is a valuable academic predictor of success used by the College Admissions Committees, it is important to stress that the SAT score is just ONE component of the application and is not the be all and end all of an application. 

What is our Strategy? We believe that BRANDING and STORY TELLING is the most important aspect of a candidate's application. Of course we need to ensure the MBA candidate will be able to do well academically in the program (indicated by the GMAT score, College Grades, other). However, it is crucial to capture exactly who the candidate is as an individual and showcase his or her STORY in a powerful and compelling way:

  • high school academic achievement / honors classes / GPA

  • work experience

  • extra curricular activities

  • public service

  • accomplishments

  • failures

  • dreams

  • fears

  • student mindset

  • value add to the College community

  • vision for the future

And this is exactly what we did!

It is such a JOY to see our candidates get into the top schools. Our clients come to us with the DREAM of getting into the best business school for them. And there is honestly no greater feeling that hearing that we made our clients' dreams come true.

We look forward to continuing helping people around the world throughout 2021 and beyond!

by Val Misra, MR. MBA®

Founder / Managing Consultant at MR. MBA®

MR. MBA® - USA Non-Profit Dedicated To Education Admissions (MBA, College, Masters, PHD) and Career Management


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