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Elite USA 501c3 Education Nonprofit
Happy Nonprofit Volunteers Carrying Donation Boxes

 Nonprofit Growth 
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"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no

expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge

that one day someone might do the same

for you."

- Her Royal Highness Lady Diana

The Princess of Wales,

The Princess of Hearts,

Global Philanthropist


How do we Start a Meaningful Nonprofit?   

How do we set our Nonprofit Vision & Strategic Planning?

What are the Major Challenges we will face? 

I don't know how to structure my Board & Team

How do we spread our Brand Awareness?

I wish I had an expert guide who can help!

We can help!

That's Our Mission!

Nonprofit Manager Strategically Planning And Brainstorming
Nonprofit Managers Strategically Planning And Brainstorming


Strategic Planning for your Nonprofit 

Launching a meaningful and successful Nonprofit is a challenging endeavor. It requires careful strategic planning & development in multiple areas.

We help you build a sound Strategic Plan that consists of your Mission, Your Long-term Vision, Budget Planning & Commitment to your target demographic to create Meaningful Impact!


Selecting Your Nonprofit Board & Team

You are only as effective as the team you select to help you in your Impactful Mission.


We help you brainstorm and strategically plan your Board & Management Team based on your Mission and Skills criteria. 

This will set you up for Success!

Nonprofit Volunteer Team Helping On A Fun Day Out
Nonprofit Managers Team Portrait
Nonprofit Managers Working With Technology And Computers
Nonprofit Managers Working With Technology And Computers
College Students Working With Technology at School


Getting The Right Technology For Your Nonprofit

Technology can help your Nonprofit run more effectively. The post-Covid reality we live in today has certainly increased the need for Technology and Virtual Workspaces. 


Technology allows Nonprofits to reach new audiences, serve more communities, run automated processes, and run more efficiently.

We help you select the right Technology Hardware, Software & Platforms for your Nonprofit!


Your Nonprofit Social Awareness

Increasing your Nonprofit Social & Brand Awareness is key to reaching your target audience, fundraising

donors, and other organizations that can sponsor or work with you to further your Mission.


The Key to this is your Social Media Efforts. 

We help build your Nonprofit Social Media outreach plan!

Social Media Marketing And Branding For Social Awareness
Social Media Marketing And Branding For Social Awareness
Nonprofit Manager Giving A Presentation


Successfully Launching & Growing Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Managers Volunteering For A Fun Day Out

We help your Nonprofit launch and provide ongoing advisory to help you ensure your Impactful Mission continues to grow and reach its true potential.

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