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 College Advisory

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“Young people, don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise.”

- First Lady Michelle Obama

Harvard Law School, Princeton University

How do I get into a Top College?   

Can I get into Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern?

Can I get into Oxford, Cambridge, LSE?

My dream is to study Finance at Stern or Wharton!

The college application is too overwhelming!

I wish I had an expert guide who can help!

We can help!

That's Our Mission!

Harvard University Students On Campus
Stanford University Students On Campus


Getting You From The Start To The Finish Line!

Applying to College or University (Undergrad) is a rigorous and elaborate process, not to mention stressful. After all, Harvard & Stanford have an Acceptance Rate of 4-5%!! But with a little expertise and a helping hand, it is simply creating a compelling Marketing / Branding and Positioning Portrait. We work tirelessly to ensure we have created the Best Brand Positioning for each candidate through a mix of Art & Science. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we make sure the College Admission Committees see that! 


Why Choose MR. MBA®?

1) Sponsorship with Harvard University

2) USA 501c3 Fully Registered Nonprofit

3) Total >2,000 Top School Acceptances 

4) 99.9% Acceptance Success Rate

5) Global College Coverage - USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia

6) Apply to 12 Schools!

7) Exclusive 1on1 Service - We are with you from start to finish and beyond

8) Actual Elite College Program Experience

9) Actual College Admissions Committee Experience

10) Expert advice and unique College Brand Identity creation per candidate

11) Every Application created will be GUARANTEED WOW!

*12 School Selection Is Vital To The Process - The More Schools We Can Apply To, The Greater The Odds Of Winning Acceptances!

*WOW Applications + ↑ Schools = 99.9% Success Rate!


*We Have Helped Hundreds of  Students Who Cannot Afford To Make A Donation. 

Speak To Us!

College of Val Misra, MR. MBA®'s education, achievements and schools attended
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A Lifetime Of Learning

*100% Success Rate = All Our Students Got Accepted
Into At Least 1 of their Top Schools 

Harvard University's Harvard Crimson and MR. MBA® 10 Successful Harvard Essays Project

Our Latest College Education Article with The Harvard Crimson®

Our "Successful Harvard Essay" Project with The Harvard Crimson®

Northwestern University Students On The Evanston Campus


Our Full USA College Results 2022-2023

356 Student Offer Letters,

Success Rate = 100%,

Student Branding = Outstanding 

Where our MR. MBA® College Students Get Placed
Where our MR. MBA® College Students Get Placed
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Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 3.48.55 PM.png

*100% Success Rate = All Our Students Got Accepted Into At Least 1 of their Top Schools 

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Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 3.49.27 PM.png

*100% Success Rate = All Our Students Got Accepted Into At Least 1 of their Top Schools 

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High School Grade 9-12 To College Expert Guidance​

**Our WINNING Formula**:

College Students Group Discussion In Class

1) Student BRAND Creation - We work with the student and parents to understand the candidate inside and out, their passions, dreams, successes, failures to create their unique BRAND IDENTITY. This will be used to create those rich, magical stories to win over the College ADCOMs. 


2) 12 School Selection - Based on the client's profile, academic prowess, and careers interests, we work to expertly identify the ideal mix/selection of REACH SCHOOLS And SAFETY SCHOOLS so we dramatically improve our odds of gaining WINNING ACCEPTANCES!

3) Weaknesses/Red Flags - We work with you to identify your Weaknesses and potential Red Flagsso we can address these and turn them around into WINS!

4) SAT/ACT Scores - We create an all-encompassing study timeline, monitor your progress, and provide an overarching guidance so you Ace the test!

5) GPA/Transcript - We choose the best classes for you to set you up for college and monitor your performance to ensure a good GPA

6) Class Rank - We work with you to ensure you rank as high in your class as possible (Top 10%)

7) AP/Honors Classes - We help you choose the AP or IB classes that best suit your passions

8) Extracurriculars - We hone in on your expertise and passions to demonstrate your leadership

9) Public Service - We identify what community involvements are special to you and put you to work

10) Work Experience - We guide you on valuable summer internships that inspires growth & insight

11) Mentors/Recommenders - We help identify and choose valuable members of your community to serve as role-models, mentors and potential recommenders for your future college career

College Student Studying, Brainstorming, and Planning Behind the Books


Our Art & Science of a 
WINNING College Application

The Art / Marketing & Branding

The Science / Data & Numbers

- College Brand Identity (CBI)

- Strategic 12 School Selection

- Identify / Address Any Red Flags

- College App / Common App

    with CBI

- Supplemental Essays with CBI

- Financial Aid / Scholarships with CBI

- Recommendations with CBI

- Letters of Support with CBI

- Interviews with CBI

- Age & Nationality 

- High School Brand Name

- High School GPA / Grades 

- High School Transcripts / Reports

- AP Coursework / A-Levels /


- Leadership & Extracurriculars


- SAT Subject Tests

*MR. MBA® In-Charge

*Student In-Charge


Your Personalized
College Process At
Grade 12 / Final Year​


We Create Your College

Brand Identity (CBI)

& Career Outlook

We Strategically Choose Your 12 Colleges

Financial Aid & Scholarship Strategy

Data / Common Application Strategy 

Resume & Personal Statement / Essays Strategy

SAT / ACT / TOEFL Strategy

(if needed)

Recommendations & Letter of Support Strategy 

Interview Strategy

Acceptance, Waitlist, Defer Strategy


Our Ethics Clause

College Students Showing Teamwork

Please know,

(1) We will not engage in any behavior or advisory deemed UNETHICAL by us on behalf of any student (completely writing client data applications / essays / recommendations / resume / etc,  requesting us to contact B-Schools on their behalf, etc.) - We ADVISE and GUIDE on how you can create a WINNING application though the Original Content and STORY must come from you; We Edit/Revise/Craft after content is provided,

(2) Any student who violates our Ethical Policy will be warned and if the behavior continues, we reserve the right to discontinue our nonprofit advisory services to them.

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