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Our Students Say

What Our Students Say For Our College & MBA/Masters Advisory

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"It is the supreme art of the teacher (advisor) to awaken

joy in creative expression and knowledge."

- Albert Einstein

Nobel Prize in Physics

The Greatest Mind Of The 21st Century

Harvard University And Harvard Business School Logo


"MR. MBA® Val Misra worked tirelessly with my parents and I to understand the intricacies of the College application process an on delivering winning applications! We are so grateful to him for everything!"
- Harvard University
College Accepted


"Val, MR. MBA®, Helped Me Get Into All Of My Top Schools! I Am Attending HBS This Fall And Cannot Wait. Val, I Am Flying In Early To Meet You In Person In New York To Hug You. You Are So Kind, Intelligent, And Are Always There For Me! My Forever Special Advisor In Life! "

- Harvard Business School 

MBA Accepted



"My Dream College! My Dream Advisor!
I would go back and do it all over again if I could- what an amazing self-discovery and learning process!
Thank you always Val,  MR. MBA®"
- Stanford University
College Accepted


"MR. MBA® is SUPERB, lifting me up from the beginning to the very end! Not only did I get into my Top 3 Schools, I wasn't stressed at all by the daunting application process!"
- Stanford Graduate School of Business
MBA Accepted

Stanford University And Stanford Graduate School Of Business Logo
Princeton University And The Princeton Graduate School

"WOW! Thank you so much for everything MR. MBA®!
Now all I need Val's expert advice on is "what should I pack?" :-)"
- Princeton University
College Accepted

"I never though I could would be accepted to Princeton Grad School for my Masters. I actually convinced myself not to apply and I wouldn't make it. Val, MR. MBA® change all that. I met Val, who made me feel so comfortable and safe with my application and my future. We put together an amazing application, submitted, and the rest is history! Forever indebted to you Val, MR. MBA®"
- Princeton University Graduate School
MA Accepted

"I got accepted to all 6 of my Top Colleges! What a great few years working with MR. MBA®! Val is so kind and knowledgable; we created Winning applications and the results speak for themselves! I'll come visit you in NYC soon Val!"
- University of Pennsylvania
College Accepted

"Val was with me from 
the beginning, after I got accepted and has been advising me to this very day! I couldn't have done it without him. 
He is one of a kind!"
- UPenn Wharton MBA
University Of Pennsylvania And The Wharton School Logo
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology And MIT Sloan School Of Management Logo

"With Val I was able to succinctly tell my story in a manner befitting of a worthy application to my dream school!

Thank you so so much Val!"

- Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Undergrad Accepted

"What I loved most is it didn't feel as scary as I thought.

Val and MR. MBA® made it enjoyable.

I loved working with him.

I recommend on the highest level!"

- MIT Sloan MBA Accepted


"Northwestern University has been my Dream School since as far back as I can remember. I just couldn't see myself anywhere else! Val, MR. MBA® helped me create a superior story and awesome applications. So much so that I got accepted to Northwestern and 5 of my  Dream Schools! Thank you Dear Val!"
- Northwestern University
College Accepted

"I couldn't be more pleased.

It's a daunting process to say the least. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing!
And Val you are irreplaceable!"

- Northwestern Kellogg 

MBA Accepted

Northwester University And Northwestern University Kellogg School Of Management Logo
Columbia University And Columbia Business School Logo

"I hope everyone can have an advisor like Val, MR. MBA®. It's so much pressure and staring into the darkness, I didn't know where I would land. Val was with me every step of the way and made sure I submitted excellent applications. He took the pressure away and made see how high I could reach!"
- Columbia University
College Accepted

"My top school!

My top city!

My top MBA advisor!

What more could I want?"

- Columbia Graduate School of Business MBA Accepted

"Like Val, my family's dream was for my sister and I study at NYU- we are twins! Val basically showed up the path, day by day, step by step, milestone by milestone. I got into Stern and my sister Tisch! The branding exercises and amazing storytelling we went through with Val were absolutely key for my admission to NYU. Big Hug Val!"
- New York University
College Accepted

”Val has a Deep Connection with NYU Stern and New York University as a whole. He was instrumental in branding my stories and creating a sensational application! NYU Stern was the only place I ever dreamed about going to. And I got it thanks to Val! I’ll see you in New York."

- NYU Stern MBA Accepted

New York University And NYU Stern School Of Business Logo
The University Of Chicago And Chicago Booth School Of Business Logo

"UChicago undergrad is such a tough school to get into that I gave up even trying. Then I met Val and he calmed me down, showed me application process over time, and created a super story and well-branded application for me. Looking at the acceptance with my family for the first time brought tears to all our eyes. And much yelling! Thank you so much Val, MR. MBA®"
- University of Chicago
College Accepted

"I thought I knew how to apply for the MBA. Clearly I didn't. Val helped me craft the most compelling stories and wrapped my entire application with a red bow! Thank you Val"

- Chicago Booth MBA Accepted

"I fell in love with Hanover and Dartmouth College- I just knew I had to go here. It took years of strategic planning- AP classes, leadership roles, extracurriculars, community service- and a super personal story which Val MR. MBA® helped me create. I got accepted Early Decision and signed right away! My advisor for life, thank you Val! "

- Dartmouth University

College Accepted

"Accepted at all my top MBA programs! Thank you Val. Your patience, wisdom and kind manner has been instrumental to my success and I know it. I will take what I learned from you to Tuck! See you soon! Hugs."

- Dartmouth Tuck MBA Accepted

Dartmouth College And The Tuck School Of Business Logo
Brown University And Brown Graduate School Logo

"Imagine getting into Early Decision Brown University, my Number 1 College! What a rollercoaster ride but so worth it in the end. Hard work and incredible coaching is a must for this process. Thank you so much Val! "

- Brown University

College Accepted

"Thanks to Val Misra, MR. MBA®, I was accepted at all my top Graduate programs! I can't wait to start my year at Brown's Graduate School. I will recommend MR. MBA® without hesitation to all my family, friends, and acquaintances. They are the best!"

- Brown University

Graduate School Accepted

"I became One with Cornell's college campus when I visited with my family. MR. MBA® helped me showcase this Oneness in my personal branding and Cornell application! If I am here today, it's because of you Val. Thank you Sir."

- Cornell University College Accepted

"In at my Top School, Cornell Johnson! Phew, what a process. I don't know how I would have managed without MR. MBA®. It's not easy to manage the application process while working full-time and so I really needed the guidance, discipline and coaching me only fo"

- Cornell Johnson MBA Accepted

Cornell University And Cornell Johnschool School Of Management Logo
University Of California Berkeley And UC Berkeley Haas School Of Business Logo

"Accepted to Oxford! I can't believe it! All the wonderful advice and hard work paid off. I am so happy. My dad still can't believe it!"

- Oxford University

College Accepted

”All I can say is WOW! It was my dream to study at the Haas School in California. I didn't realize how complex and stressful the process was. Val made it simple, easy, informative, productive and fun! IN AT HAAS BABY!"

- UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

MBA Accepted

"My Dream School since I was 15 years old, my wish was to go to UMich! Only thing is, I didn't know how to put together a gleaming application, and neither did my parents lol. I had heard about MR. MBA®'s superior advisory and helping hand. In 2 words: IT WORKED! Going this Fall! Thank you MR. MBA®!"

- University of Michigan

College Accepted

"Got accepted to 6 of my Top Schools and heading to Michigan Ross this Summer. I can't wait for the next chapter and owe al my success to Val, MR. MBA®. Months of work finally paid off for me. I guess great things really do take time and effort :) Thank you for everything Val!"

- University of Michigan Ross

MBA Accepted

University Of Michigan And University Of Michigan Ross School Of Business Logo
University Of Oxford And Said School Of Business Logo

"Accepted to Oxford! I can't believe it! All the wonderful advice and hard work paid off. I am so happy. My dad still can't believe it!"

- Oxford University

College Accepted

"I knew I wanted to study my MBA in England and I got accepted to Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge, and London Business School. Val, MR. MBA® showed me the intricacies of building a wonderful branding profile and application. I am now a semi-expert in applying all thanks to Val, MR. MBA!"

- Oxford University Said School of Business MBA Accepted

"In at all 7 of my top UK universities! Val has so much insight into the uni application process that it made it much easier to just focus on what was necessary. I hope others get to experience an expert-level and friendly aid too! My family and I thank you Val!"

- Cambridge University

College Accepted

"Val, MR. MBA® helped me get into my Top School Cambridge Judge for my MBA. He was my guide in the desert, my therapist in the storm, my advisor through my applications, and my pick-me-up when I needed it most. Thank you Val, couldn't have done it without you!"

- Cambridge University

Judge School of Business MBA Accepted

University Of Cambridge And Judge School Of Business Logo
University Of Toronoto And The Rotman School Of Management Logo

"Heading to Toronto in a few months! I can't wait! Val is so knowledgeable, patient and kind. I wish I knew more people like him. You're the BEST Val!"

-  University of Toronto

College Accepted

"I still can't believe I got into the best MBA program in Canada. I know I have so much more to go, learn and experience, but I feel I have also learned so much about myself through my personal journey with Val, MR. MBA, and the application process. Grazie Val!"

- Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto MBA Accepted

"Val really understands the application process to a fine art, especially in my case the international schools! I loved working with MBA Accepted and Val is phenomenal! 5 Stars!"

- London Business School

MBA Accepted

London Business School Logo

"Accepted to INSEAD! Yay!

Thank you so much! 

Val was my little angel sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear the whole time."

- INSEAD MBA Accepted

"As MBA applications are only getting more and more competitive, it is essential to have a competitive advantage in your corner. Meet Val, my competitive advantage. I cannot describe how important you were during my process. Thank you! "

- IMD Business School 

MBA Accepted

IMD Business School Logo
IESE Business School University Of Navarra Logo

"Val was with me around the clock, all the time, even during crunch time - the deadlines. He steadied my hand and helped me craft a winning application! You're amazing Val!"

- IESE Business School

MBA Accepted

"I was so happy to get my acceptance at HEC Paris! It was the best news I had ever received. Val's guidance was nothing short of perfection. It is truly remarkable what he knows and his extroverted, fun nature makes the process fun! Thank You Val. Really, Thank You!"

- HEC Paris MBA Accepted

HEC Paris Business School Logo
ESADE Business School Logo

” Thanks to Val, I created a very powerful application that clearly stood out from the competition! I was apprehensive about getting into ESADE's prestigious program. I was pleasantly proved wrong!”

- ESADE MBA Accepted

"I have always wanted to study in Australia! It was a small dream of mine. Val helped make my dream come true. I could never have done it without him. Meeting Val in person was amazing. You the man Val! Thank you so much!"

- University Of Sydney Business School Australia MBA Accepted

The University Of Sydney Business School Logo
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