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Elite USA 501c3 Non-Profit: We Help Students Get Into
The Top Schools (College / MBA / Masters) & Careers

>2,000 Top Schools & Firms Acceptances! 99.9% Success Rate!
In Sponsorship with Harvard University's The Harvard Crimson® Newspaper
College: "MR. MBA®, Val Misra, WORKED TIRELESSLY with my parents and I to understand the intricacies of the college application process and on delivering winning applications! We are so grateful to him for everything!!"
- Harvard University Undergrad Accepted
MBA/Masters: "MR. MBA® is SUPERB, lifting me up from the beginning till the very end! Not only did I get into all 3 of my Top Schools, I wasn't stressed at all by the daunting application process!"
- Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA Accepted
    Careers: "MR. MBA® structured a WONDERFUL 1on1 Career Plan designed just for me that consisted of self-assessment, vision/goal plan, industry research, job search strategy and interview workshops. I got accepted to my dream industry and firm!
    Your mentorship means everything Val, Thank You!
    - McKinsey & Co. Accepted
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    Harvard MBA Experience Presentation
    Harvard Essay Article
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    Greetings Friend,

    My name is Val Misra, also known as MR. MBA®, and we are here to BRAND YOU and MARKET YOU into your DREAM SCHOOLS AND/OR FIRMS!

    I founded MR. MBA®, our USA 501c3 fully registered Non-Profit, for this very mission:

    (1) To provide you with the very best Graduate & College Admissions Expertise,

    (2) To provide you with top-flight Career Management Expertise, and

    (3) To provide our services to ALL, those who can AND cannot afford to make a donation

    in a hope to make your education / career dreams come true.

    You see, I was in your shoes applying to Colleges, Grad programs, and Top Firms not too long ago!

    A little about me! I was raised between New York and Dubai, and have traveled to nearly every major country in the world.

    ⭐ MR. MBA®'s Education (Click): ⭐

    I have also had a very fruitful corporate career spanning several industries and companies: Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, American Express, HSBC, KPMG, Mondelez International / Kraft Foods, GTA Travel and RCM Group. 

    I have spent nearly 20 years helping prospective students around the world get into the top graduate and undergraduate programs and aiding them in their career planning and execution. I remember what a stressful and at times unpleasant application experience it was for colleges, the MBA, and companies. I am confident I can not only help you get into your dream schools but also ensure you have a better application experience! As a result of my team's combined experience, expertise and enthusiasm, we have a 99.9% acceptance success rate and placed >2,000 students in Top Schools & Frims globally!

    So let's start your journey. Let's get you IN!

    - Val Misra, MR. MBA®

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