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Elite USA 501c3 Non-Profit: We Help People Get Into
The Top Schools (MBA / Masters / College) & Firm
>2,000 Top Schools & Firms Acceptances! 99.9% Success Rate!
In Sponsorship with Harvard University's The Harvard Crimson® Newspaper
"MR. MBA® is superb, lifting me up from the beginning till the very end! Not only did I get into all three of my top schools, I wasn't stressed at all by the daunting application process! "
- Stanford Graduate School of  Business MBA Accepted
"MR. MBA®, Val Misra, worked tirelessly with my parents and I to understand the intricacies of the college application process and on delivering winning applications! We are so grateful!!"
- Harvard University Undergrad Accepted
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    Greetings Friend,

    My name is Val Misra, also known as MR. MBA®, and we are here to BRAND YOU and MARKET YOU into your DREAM SCHOOLS AND/OR FIRMS!

    I founded MR. MBA®, our USA 501c3 fully registered Non-Profit, for this very mission:

    (1) To provide you with the very best Graduate & College Admissions Expertise,

    (2) To provide you with top-flight Career Management Expertise, and

    (3) To provide our services to ALL, those who can AND cannot afford to make a donation

    in a hope to make your education / career dreams come true.

    You see, I was in your shoes applying to Colleges, Grad programs, and Top Firms not too long ago!

    A little about me! I was raised between New York and Dubai, and have traveled to nearly every major country in the world.

    ⭐ MR. MBA®'s Education (Click): ⭐

    I have also had a very fruitful corporate career spanning several industries and companies: Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, American Express, HSBC, KPMG, Mondelez International / Kraft Foods, GTA Travel and RCM Group. 

    I have spent nearly 20 years helping prospective students around the world get into the top graduate and undergraduate programs and aiding them in their career planning and execution. I remember what a stressful and at times unpleasant application experience it was for colleges, the MBA, and companies. I am confident I can not only help you get into your dream schools but also ensure you have a better application experience! As a result of my team's combined experience, expertise and enthusiasm, we have a 99.9% acceptance success rate and placed >2,000 students in Top Schools & Frims globally!

    So let's start your journey. Let's get you IN!

    - Val Misra, MR. MBA®

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    MBA Admissions
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    Getting You From The Start To The Finish Line

    Applying for a 2-Year MBA or 1-Year Masters Degree (Grad School) is a rigorous and elaborate process, not to mention stressful. After all, Top B-Schools have an Acceptance Rate of only 6-20%!! But with a little expertise and a helping hand, it is simply creating a compelling Marketing / Branding and Positioning Portrait. We work tirelessly to ensure we have created the Best Brand Positioning for each candidate through a mix of Art & Science. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we make sure the MBA Admission Committees see that! 

    Why Choose MR. MBA®?

    1) Sponsorship with Harvard University

    2) USA 501c3 Fully Registered Non-Profit

    3) Save $Thousands in fees per school versus other For-Profit Admissions Consulting firms

    4) A Premier Admissions Consultancy

    5) Total >2,000 Top School Acceptances 

    6) 99.9% Acceptance Success Rate

    7) Global B-School Coverage - USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia

    8) Exclusive 1on1 Service - We are with you from start to finish and beyond

    9) Actual MBA Program Experience

    10) Actual MBA Admissions Committee Experience

    11) Expert advice and unique MBA Brand Identity creation per candidate

    12) Every Application created will be GUARANTEED WOW!

    MR. MBA® Donation / Fee Packages

    1) 8 B-Schools - One Flat Fee Of $6,500 

    2) 10 B-Schools - One Flat Fee Of $7,500

    3) 12 B-Schools - One Flat Fee Of $8,500 

        Highly Recommended For Maximum Results!


    *School Selection Is Vital To The Process -

    The More Schools We Can Apply To, The

    Greater The Odds Of Winning Acceptances!

    *WOW Applications + ↑ Schools = 99.9% Success Rate!

    *We Have Helped Hundreds of  Students Who Cannot Afford To Make A Donation.

    Speak To Us!

    USA 2Year Full-Time MBA Results - 2021-2022 Round 1 + 2

    * 2021 Rd1 - 233 Offer Letters, 99.4% Success Rate, Candidate Branding = Outstanding *

    * 2022 Rd2 - 200 Offer Letters, 98.7% Success Rate, Candidate Branding = Outstanding *

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    MR. MBA® USA MBA 2021 RESULTS 3.jpeg
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    *99.05% Average Success Rate = Client Got Accepted Into At Least One Or More Top School
    (Through Our Overall Winning Formula & B-Schools Selection) 

    INTERNATIONAL MBA Results - 2021-2022 Round 1 + 2


    What Is An MBA? Versus A Masters?

    MBA = Usually a 2-Year Generalist Business Degree Covering A Wide Range of Academic Topics (Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Management, Operations, Technology, Leadership, Ethics, etc.)

    ⚪ Able to major in 1-3 business disciplines ⚪ Every Company From Every Sector Will Come To Campus To Interview and Recruit You ⚪ Summer Internship At The End Of Year 1

    ⚪ Graduating MBA Salary = $150 - $300,000 ⚪ >100,000 Active, Strong Alumni Network

    ⚪ Very Hard Difficulty of Admission To Top Schools

    Masters = Usually a 1-Year Specialized Degree In One Concentration Only (Finance, Accounting, Real Estate, Math, Education, Health, Technology, etc.) ⚪ Usually Cannot Study Outside Your Masters' Specialization ⚪ Companies May Come To Campus To Interview And Recruit You For Your Specialization ⚪ Maybe A Summer Internship But Not Always

    ⚪ Graduating Masters Salary = $80-150,000 ⚪ Usually A Strong Alumni Network But Not Always ⚪ High Medium-Hard Difficulty Of Admission To Top Schools

    MR. MBA®'s MBA / Masters Journey Expert Guidance

    We provide our Superb Expertise to young working professionals post-College for their MBA / Masters and parents / high school students for the Deferred MBA while in College to best establish, position and Market the students all the way to their Top Schools' Acceptances!

    **Our WINNING Formula**:

    1) Student BRAND Creation - We work with the student and/or parents to understand the candidate inside and out, their passions, dreams, successes, failures to create their unique BRAND IDENTITY. This will be used to create those rich, magical stories to win over the MBA ADCOMs.

    2) B-School Selection - Based on the client's profile, academic prowess, and careers interests, we work to expertly identify the ideal mix/selection of REACH SCHOOLS And SAFETY SCHOOLS so we dramatically improve our odds of gaining WINNING ACCEPTANCES!

    3) Weaknesses/Red Flags - We work with you to identify your Weaknesses and potential Red Flags so we can address these and turn them around into WINS!

    4) MBA Resume - We do a complete Bottoms-Up overhaul on the student's current resume, converting it into a solid MBA Resume Format and ensuring every section of your Resume highlights your life's most meaningful and impactful experiences that will be valued by MBA ADCOMs. 

    5) Professional & Personal Essays - This is where we use our BRAND Creation & Superb Storytelling skills to create powerful Stories that will WOW the MBA ADCOMs and differentiate you from THOUSANDS of other global applicants!

    6) Optional Essay - We review the student's Weaknesses and address this here for a targeted and cohesive strategy that helps address and cover up the Weakness so that it is no longer in doubt with the MBA ADCOMs.

    7) Letters Of Recommendation - We help you identify your strongest recommenders and provide guidelines on what they could and should mention in the students' favor. We also review final  recommendations to ensure they capture your overall BRAND and STORY!

    8) GMAT/GRE Scores - We create an all-encompassing study timeline, monitor your progress, and provide an overarching guidance so you Ace the test!

    9) GPA/Transcript - We do a complete top-down analysis of your Transcript to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, and Leverage Points to create those fantastic WINNING Stories!

    10) Work Experience - We assess your Professional Experiences to find those HIDDEN GEM Stories that inspire growth & insight

    11) Extracurriculars - We hone in on your expertise and passions to demonstrate your leadership

    12) Public Service - We identify what community involvements have been special to you and make sure this is captured in your STORY.

    Mr. MBA®'s Art & Science of a WINNING MBA Application