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MR. MBA®-The Harvard Crimson® Presents '10 Successful Harvard Essays 2022'​

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

July 1 2022

Harvard Essay Article for MBA

Summer 2022 is officially over! It's Fall! And we wanted to share with you our latest project with Harvard University and Harvard's Crimson Newspaper®. As you may know, our 501c3 non-profit org. MR. MBA® works in sponsorship with Harvard University and The Harvard Crimson®.

For 2022, Val Misra, MR. MBA® has had the pleasure of reviewing successful Harvard admit Lisa's college essay/personal statement.

Please review Lisa's essay at the link below, our review, and all the other successful essays and reviews by other education experts below

*Please use Google Chrome for the above article read, click the arrows on the left and right of the screen to change page*

Harvard MR.MBA 10 Successful Harvard Essays

*Please use Google Chrome for the above article read, click the arrows on the left and right of the screen to change page

Every year, the Harvard Crimson® releases 10 Successful College Essays that were used by real applicants- this project is called 10 Successful Harvard Essays®. These essays/personal statements helped each applicant secure a seat at Harvard University. Each successful essay is published and reviewed by an education expert in the industry with a thought-provoking, and hopefully, a helpful analysis.

Why does Harvard Crimson® do this? Well two of the most frequently asked and fascinating questions asked by most high school students and parents are:

"How do I get into Harvard University? How do I get into a Top USA College?"

While many consider Harvard University Admissions and other top colleges to be a BLACKBOX, Harvard tries to dispel this myth by publishing the 10 Successful Harvard Essays® every year in an effort to help guide students write their essays/personal statements.

These essays/reviews can be used as a helpful guide for all university essays/personal statements and not just Harvard, but for all the Top Colleges- Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn, Cornell, Stanford, Northwestern, UChicago, CalTech, NYU Stern, Georgetown, etc.

A PDF is also attached below of the essay and our professional review.

Please provide any feedback, comments, questions you may have on our or on any essay- we would be happy to review.

Finally, please share this with your other family members, friends, colleagues. This can be very helpful to thousands of parents, teens around the world!

This is truly a fantastic project and we at MR. MBA® are very glad to be a part of it!

Warm Regards,

~ From The Super Team @ MR. MBA®

MR.MBA Dedicated to Education Admission and Career Growth

Val Misra, MR. MBA®

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In Sponsorship with Harvard University's The Harvard Crimson® Newspaper

Click for our Harvard-MR. MBA® College Feature: "10 Successful Harvard Essays Review 2022"

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