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9/11, NYU & Me

September 11 2019

Sitting At Starbucks In NYC today (September 11 2019), I look back and remember that fateful day when the world changed.

I was an NYU Undergrad sophomore living with my roommate Frank at NYU’s South Street Seaport dorm 200 Water Street- we had the Penthouse PH8 apartment and had a direct birds-eye view of 1WTC. It became a part of us and was of course a part of this Great City and NYU🗽 

I remember going to class that morning on the 7am NYU shuttle bus. Whilst on campus I heard screaming about a commotion and went out to see- one plane had gone in. Minutes later, I witnessed the second plane go in. THE HORROR.....THE HORROR.....

I grabbed Frank and then partner Anviksha and we made our way to New Jersey. Manhattan was on military lockdown. No one had ever prepared for anything like this. Us NYU students were later moved to the Sheraton Hotel near Times Square, where Lehman Brothers temporarily held their offices- their HQ was 1WTC.

As Manhattan was on lock, it became a ghost town as everyone had left the city out of fear or government orders. It was very scary. A surreal time.

But NEW YORK preserved....and so did WE! The city became stronger.....and so did WE!

There is a great PRIDE in living here today. New York is as much a part of me as I am of New York.

Peace & Love to everyone who lived through that fateful day.


Val Misra, an NYC Resident


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